Update on the Boxer Pulev who Kissed a Reporter + My personal expirience.

Hi. Hi, guys. Ok. So, first I want to say “Thank you”. for your reactions for my previous video and for your likes so today, again I will be talking about the Kubrat Pulev kiss with Jenny Sushi so he has returned to Bulgaria and he gave interview at the Airport and on that interview he said that […]

Reporter Kim Heechul successfully gets in touch with PRISTIN! [We Like Zines! / 2017.06.27]

(The book Kim Heechul planned on writing) (Anyone who wants to become a girl group, read it!) (“Girl Group Report” by Kim Heechul) This is not what I originally wanted to write. (The book he originally planned on writing) (15 days before the first shoot) The history of JYP. (Aren’t you part of our agency?) Girl groups that […]

The Pettiest Reason to Break Up with Someone – BT Kingsley

If I’m going to be in a relationship, I’ve got to be honest with who I am and know the things that piss me off. Here’s the thing. I didn’t realize I’m very, very petty, you guys. Petty LaBelle, Petty McGee, Petty Mayonnaise. Super petty. I’ve broken up with good women over stupid stuff. I broke up with […]

Sis Code after a Break-Up feat. Ahsaas Channa & Khushbu Baid | Girliyapa

I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I’m not fine… Okay, that’s it! Rashmi, you’ve been stuck in this house since your break up! Let’s go out somewhere today and you’ll feel fresh. No, ??. I don’t want to go. – Rashmi, look… – Rashmi! Here you go, I’ve made a list of things I need you to get from […]

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