Sahasam Cheyyara Dimbaka | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Please, babe! Try to understand! I will definitely come. What’s the matter? – They say the lockdown could be postponed. That’s all? – Not postpone, extended is the right word. Yeah, whatever. – Babe, they say the lockdown could be extended. I can’t stay away from you, babe. I’ll come to you. – Hurry up, Jones. I’m hungry. […]

Krusty’s New Commercial For Stoners | Season 31 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS

People are stressed out these days. Scurvy is back. There’s, like, 60 wars going on. Whales are eating our precious ocean plastic. Maybe people want to smoke a dube for that. Oh, yeah. Everyone’s selling crap to stoners now. Have you seen the new Krusty Burger commercial? [soft music playing] When you got the munchies, for some reason– […]

[ENG SUB] Super Junior Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook & Shindong’s Sweet Morning Call #2YA2YAO

Next is morning call. Who are we calling to? -To human. -There is a phone here, when it rings, please answer the phone. Please wake the person up with the sweetest voice ever. Easy right? -We will try doing it. -You need to add a bit of acting on it. -We will start with Ryeowook. -Yeah, that’s good. […]

Pelliki Mundhu.. Tharvatha.. || Bandi Star || The Mix By Wirally || Tamada Media

How much ever the mankind progresses, how much ever technology improves women can never be understood. Women tend to love but the way they express that love has been changing. Take a look at how different my life was before and after my wedding. Mom, come here fast. – Why? – Just come here, right now! What? – […]

LIFE Before SOCIAL MEDIA – Then vs Now ..| #Fun #Sketch #Roleplay #ShrutiArjunAnand

did we come live?? yes We’ve got so many wedding invitations so we thought to brought for you an amazing vlog so let me tell you today we’ve wore designer outfits I am just gonna to show you the whole outfits I’ll upload pictures on Instagram….. but Madam we can see your whole outfits Is this LIVE…. yes […]

TV AD | Barclays LifeSkills | How to use your hobbies on social media to get a job

Social media kind of shows the real you It kind of acts as a virtual CV In your about page you can write as much as you want I personally put pictures of my running events.. well I get tagged in them more than anything So I post things that really mean a lot to me, so my […]

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