Hello every one! Welcome to Keplerians news Today’s first news is a little sad. As you already know, there is a virus infecting the whole world. In the place where we live, measures have been taken to curb the contagion. This is why the Keplerians team is separated and working from our homes. We are all healthy, no […]

Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

-Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus in a landslide on Saturday and, now, some pundits in the Democratic establishment are panicking about the possibility that he might be the Democratic nominee. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ] [ Cheering and applause ] Bernie has now won the popular vote […]

Breaking Up with Sony A7S II for A7S III While A7 III is Watching 😂

First of all, this rose is not pink, it’s red. I really think you’re color blind sometimes. Second of all, what am I gonna do with a flower? Make a thumbnail? Okay before it gets super awkward, I’m just gonna tell you. I’m gonna have to break up with you Oh no, no there is no one else, […]

Krusty’s New Commercial For Stoners | Season 31 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS

People are stressed out these days. Scurvy is back. There’s, like, 60 wars going on. Whales are eating our precious ocean plastic. Maybe people want to smoke a dube for that. Oh, yeah. Everyone’s selling crap to stoners now. Have you seen the new Krusty Burger commercial? [soft music playing] When you got the munchies, for some reason– […]

YMCA Water Is Only 1% Water (99% Old People Hair) | Breaking News

(funky music) – [Announcer] From West Hollywood, California, the only news team that doesn’t know what’s on the teleprompter before they read it. Anyone who laughs or breaks loses points. This is, Breaking News. – Good evening everyone, welcome to the breaking news, the show where we have no idea what we’re about to say and we aren’t […]

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