Worst Television Host in History is Going To Fox News

guess who’s back tucker across he’s been hired as a television host again how is that possible the bed had bulb wants ratings possibly into enrollments history everywhere is gone it’s c_n_n_ msnbc his shows have got disastrously proven over over again there is a complete and colossal failure no i thought ratings when he was on msnbc […]

Lionel Richie Tells Kelly Everyone At ‘American Idol’ Wants To Be Like Her

– Do you think we’re color coordinated here? – I know! We called each other, they don’t know. Or I just stalked you outside your house. – You are hilarious. – Oh, you’re nice. I just get lost and I go make a joke until you know what you’re doing. – If you know how much, I hear […]

News Smash: Impeachment Debates, SantaCon, Patriots Cheating Scandal, KFC Firewood

-Guys, it seems like there’s so much going on right now. The House began debating impeachment today. SantaCon is this weekend. [ Cheers and applause ] The Patriots are caught up in another cheating scandal. And KFC is selling fried-chicken scented firewood. There’s a lot to go over. So let’s just jump in and cover it all at […]

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