Was ‘Kid Nation’ The Worst Reality Show Ever Made? | E2 – “To Kill or Not to Kill”

– We sped up the natural cycle of life and death. We gave these three suckers a shortcut. – [Narrator] This episode of Kid Nation is called “To Kill or Not to Kill?” which is a perfectly normal and not at all terrifying title for a reality show about a bunch of kids running their own society. We’re […]

Was ‘Kid Nation’ The Worst Reality Show Ever?

– [Narrator] Welcome to kid nation, one of the most insane reality TV shows ever made. Where unaccompanied minors are driven to the middle of the desert to build a society from scratch. Cook for themselves, clean for themselves, run their own economy, and drink bleach for themselves off camera. Yep. That actually happened. This show was so […]

BAKED | S01E05 – “Party’s On Till The Break Of Dawn”

Yes! Shit! What happened Brother Haris? You seem to have fallen short of attendance Sorry, who are you? How do you know my name? If I don’t keep a close watch on my people, then who will? Brother Haris, listen to me I know someone in the office I’ll get your attendance sorted out Just remember one thing… […]

Here Comes The Trapper 2 – Breaking the Rules – Dead By Daylight

Notice that I’m first. Not Wraith. I’m easy too! Hey! In this first match I’m going to change things up by finding all my traps and putting them in one building. Let’s go! (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) (click) Okay, bye! Let’s try that again. That look like good place to put […]

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