‘Not racist at all’: Donald Trump defends calling coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’

Why do you keep calling this the ‘Chinese virus’? There are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese-Americans in this country. You’re own aid, secretary Azar says he does not use this term because ethnicity does not cause the virus. Why do you keep using this? – A lot of people say it’s racist. – Because […]

inVISION Top Innovation 2020 Teil1/2 – inVISION News TV

Hello and welcome to inVISION News TV. Today we welcome you to a special edition. We introduce you to the winners of the Top Innovation Award 2020, chosen by our trade magazine inVISION. Here are the first five winners. The low-cost VIS-SWIR photodetector from Emberion, The real-time learning object recognition from Gestalt Robotics, Sparse modelling by Hacarus, The […]

How the World Is Reacting to Coronavirus | NYT News

[Bagpipe music] There are moments that seem bizarre, moments of fear … … preparation and moments of emptiness. These are scenes from the world living with coronavirus. It has spread across cultures, languages and even out to sea. And despite these global differences, a number of shared experiences have emerged. There is grief over the dead. In Iran, […]

Schwerpunkt Computertomographie mit Volume Graphics, Werth Messtechnik und BAM – inVISION News TV

Hello and welcome to a new episode on our YouTube channel inVISION-News TV. Today we have brought you three interesting products from the world of image processing and metrology, which we will briefly introduce below. In today’s issue we show you: OCR functionality for CT with VG-Inline 3.3 from Volume Graphics Optimum CT setting parameters with the WinWerth […]

BREAKING! Russia Bans Chinese Citizens From Entering The Russian Federation

Russia banned Chinese citizens from entering the country. Russia stoped giving visas today. South Korea also is introducing the same measures, in the same time as Russia. The Chinese authorities published data about those who died and those who recovered from it. 19% have recovered while 2,7% who were infected have died, unfortunately. These figures confirm the index […]

Radio FM Full Features (Intro)

Opening the app Searching the country in country search option Playing Radio station from country list Adding and removing the radio from Favorites Reporting the Not working station from options Opening the player by clicking on the player tab Share option on various Social Plugins Setting Sleep Timer Setting Alarm and Viewing Alarm Increasing and Decreasing the Volume […]

Breaking Cover: A Spy Memoir by Michele Rigby Assad – Book Trailer

When the CIA recruited me as an undercover agent… I began a secret life. Hiding the truth about my job from friends and family. Trusted with some of the nation’s most sensitive tasks. Sent to the most dangerous places in the world. Working as a counterterrorism specialist to identify double agents and security threats. Running from rockets in […]

Guatemala: Radio Sayaxché visits its listeners | DW Akademie

Hello friends! My name is Claudia Marileni Choc and I salute you from Santa Elena Petén, in Las Pozas. How do you do, friends? I salute you. Today we were organizing this beautiful activity where we gathered with youths from different communities. And also young people from other cities took part. The turnout is very nice. We have […]

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