Radio FM Full Features (Intro)

Opening the app Searching the country in country search option Playing Radio station from country list Adding and removing the radio from Favorites Reporting the Not working station from options Opening the player by clicking on the player tab Share option on various Social Plugins Setting Sleep Timer Setting Alarm and Viewing Alarm Increasing and Decreasing the Volume […]

Breaking Cover: A Spy Memoir by Michele Rigby Assad – Book Trailer

When the CIA recruited me as an undercover agent… I began a secret life. Hiding the truth about my job from friends and family. Trusted with some of the nation’s most sensitive tasks. Sent to the most dangerous places in the world. Working as a counterterrorism specialist to identify double agents and security threats. Running from rockets in […]

Guatemala: Radio Sayaxché visits its listeners | DW Akademie

Hello friends! My name is Claudia Marileni Choc and I salute you from Santa Elena Petén, in Las Pozas. How do you do, friends? I salute you. Today we were organizing this beautiful activity where we gathered with youths from different communities. And also young people from other cities took part. The turnout is very nice. We have […]

Demi Lovato Erases Boyfriend From All Her Social Media After Breakup

Demi Lovato Erases Boyfriend From All Her Social Media After Breakup Demi Lovato and model boyfriend Austin Wilson have split after several months of dating…and both of them have erased each other from social media. It’s unclear if there are any hard feelings between the two but both have erased all photos of the two from Instagram. As […]

Rutland County, Vermont | Real Rutland “Where You From?” Television Spot (2017)

When someone asks you, “where you from?” Do you smile? Do you think of family and friends and neighbors Do you describe honest hard-working people who choose lifestyle first and then figure the rest out? Next time someone asks you, “Where you from?” Smile and tell them “I’m from Rutland.” Help us spread the word Tell us why […]

2019.12.13 12:00 NEWS Headline

The world’s two largest economies have reached a phase one trade deal Amid heightened Washington the US says it hopes North Korea will refrain from further nuclear and long-range missile tests while warning the north against any Ill-advised actions following months of political deadlock over Britain’s departure from the European Union Voting has ended in the UK snap […]

Top 5 Signs Of Break Up/Divorce In Your Hands -Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. There are certain indications on your hand which suggests that the person is going to be separated from his or her partner,or the break up has already been taken place. Let’s see the top 5 signs on the hands which can lead to the separation or divorce from your partner. Number […]

How Do You Get Back Into Cycling After A Break? | Ask GCN Anything

– Welcome back to another Ask GCN Anything. – This week, we’re talking about what’s the best warm up to do before a race? What’s better to train on, a turbo or out on the road? And a really interesting question. How much fitness do you lose when you stop training? – Ooh, I can tell you the […]

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