Friends: Joey Gets Killed Off on Days of Our Lives (Season 2 Clip) | TBS

Okay, can we watch Joey’s show now, please? – Yeah. – Wait, he’s not here yet. So? He’s on the show. He knows what happens. Oh, I’m fine about my problem now, by the way. Oh, good. Amber. I want you to know that I’ll always be there for you. As a friend and as your brother. Oh, […]

Demi Lovato Looked to Justin Bieber for Inspiration During Her Recent Struggles

[APPLAUSE] How blessed are we to be able to do stuff like this? I know, this is so cool. And they cheer for forever. I don’t even know when to stop. I’m like, “Yeah.” It’s like, “All right, all right, all right. I like it.” I like it a lot. It’s like they’re too kind. It’s like– I […]

Friends: Chandler Decides To Break Up With Janice (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

So, Saturday night, the big night. Date night, Saturday night. Sa-tur-day night. – No plans, huh? – Not a one. Not even, say, breaking up with Janice? Oh, right, right. Shut up. Chandler, nobody likes breaking up with someone. – ‘You just gotta do it’ – No, I know. But it’s just so hard, y’know? I mean, you’re […]

Friends: Joey Teaches Ross to Dirty Talk (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

[instrumental music] “Vulva”? Alright. I panicked. Alright? She…she took me by surprise, you know. But, it wasn’t a total loss. I mean, uh, we ended up cuddling. Whoa, you cuddled? How many times? Shut up. It was nice. I didn’t.. I just don’t think I’m the dirty-talking kind of guy, you know? What’s the big deal? You just […]

Universal Studios Hollywood POV Television Commercial 2018

>>Announcer: If you haven’t seen Universal Studios Hollywood lately take another look so much has changed you may not recognize it everywhere you turn, there’s something new and unexpected the fun has never been this bold and the adventure, has never been more real it’s a universe beyond anything you imagined come see what you’re missing Universal Studios […]

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