Breaking Down Your Group Of Friends At School | Ladhood now on iPlayer

BELL RINGS It was the final day of the school year and we were all in the mood for some classically formative experiences. This was my gang. In order of coolness, by which I mean the average number of cigarettes we each smoked per day, there was Adnan Masood, AKA Addy… ..Ralph Roberts… ..and Tom “Craggy” Cragg. And […]

Breaking Free

People talk about freedom and the lack of constraints and lack of limitations; I will tell you that that’s just not the case. Measure the cost, measure the cost! Here’s what I would say–first, let me communicate something, and I hope you hear my heart here. There’s a few things that I’m not. Number one I’m not a […]

NBA Ankle Breaking Crossover Moves: How to DROP your defender (HD)

Wha’s the Chris Bosh scale of nasty? Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw with Shot your free online training source. And today we have a countdown of the top 3 moves NBA players use to break their defenders ankles. #3 the in and out cross demonstrated by Stephen Curry. The in and out cross is a quick combo […]

Tutorial básico – Handy – Walkie-talkie HF (VHF/UHF) Radio libre frecuencia

Hello Andinia friends. Let’s do a tutorial on using Handys or radios of this type. Namely, radios that are free frequency. And they use the spectrum known as UHF or VHF. That is, two bands used. They are dual-band or dual-band. What happens with this type of radios (which will turn …) … Being free frequency, we can […]

Break Free with Olympus

All revolutions start with the same idea: that things can be better. So we imagined a different kind of camera and ignited the mirrorless revolution. One idea guides us. When you’re not weighed down you rise. You’re free. Free to pursue photography on your own terms. To revel in your creativity. To embrace different. To break with the […]

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