Dès le mois de janvier, la ministre de la Santé nous a dit que ce qui se passait en Chine était quelque chose qu’il fallait prendre au sérieux. Il a été décidé, 2011 – 2013, madame la députée, que ce milliard de stock d’état n’était plus indispensable tant les capacités de production mondiales de masques étaient désormais intenses, […]

Myringotomy & Cohen T-tube insertion for otitis media with effusion

We can see typical retro-tympanic fluid shown in green, and an air bubble (white circle) A linear radial myringotomy is performed in the anterior-inferior quadrant to avoid any ossicle injury. As you can see there is liquid behind the eardrum which is suctioned carefully without inducing sound trauma. The T-tube is inserted using micro-forceps, holding both flanges together […]

Over 37,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 811 deaths in China

now the latest on the corona virus in China and the rest of the world as of this morning the death toll in China has hit 811 with the number of confirmed infections exceeding 37,000 China’s national health Commission said on Sunday that 81 additional deaths and over 2,000 new cases have been reported from whom a province […]

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