The Continental Breakfast Guy Goes on an Airplane – Key & Peele

Excuse me. Oh, excuse me, sir. Are you sitting in 26G? Yes. Have I done something wrong? No, no, no, no, we just wanted to ask if you would mind switching seats so that a mother and a child could sit together. But I’m back there. Right, yeah, but you’d actually be sitting here… [gentle harp flourish] Which […]

Ben Feldman Says ‘Nobody Cares’ When He Visits Big-Box Stores IRL

– We are celebrating 2020, our vision for 2020. Do you have any goals for 2020? – I, less drinking. (laughter) Just kidding. – No fun. – No I have two kids. – So more drinking. (laughter) – Way more drinking. But speaking of that, I think my goal this year is to stop being terrified of going […]

The Journey Home (On Radio) – (with lyrics) – 51/92 – Ace Combat 5 Original Soundtrack

The journey begins Starts from within Things that I need to know The song of the bird Echoed in words Flying for the need to fly Thoughts endless in flight Day turns to night Questions you ask your soul Which way do I go? How fast is too slow? The journey has its time within us If a […]

A Sprinkling of Sunshine – Animals in the News | The Daily Show

Nowadays, it seems like every news story is upsetting. Politics, climate change, war in the Middle East, war at Popeyes. -(laughter) -And… And I was… I was chatting to my friend Roy Wood Jr. about this, and I was just like, “Yo, man, “I wish we could just take a moment “to find news stories that are just […]

Radio Saturn Wobbles and Sirens

Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn for more than six years. And new data tells scientists that the sixth planet from the sun is weirder than we’ve even imagined. Ever since we arrived, Cassini has been measuring radio waves called ‘Saturn kilometric radiation.’ Cassini’s radio and plasma wave instrument recently determined that the variation in radio waves […]

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