Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E10 – ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’

I did it. I have cracked Woo. I put all my real information in it and voila! Now there are back to back matches lined up. Height 5’10”, hometown Delhi, everything’s correct. Now I’m just waiting for that one person to give me a match and I’m all sex. I’m all set, set. I meant set. Freudian Slip! […]

Papierowa wiklina, ozdoby świąteczne – DOMEK-SZOPKA – jak zrobić

Christmas crib made of paper wicker A crib in the shape of a house to put under the Christmas tree … … or hang in the window. Nativity Scene is a braided picture with the Holy Family To perform you need: image printed on an inkjet printer. Link to the pictures in the movie description Compact cardboard tubes […]

“Street Fighter” References in Film/Television SUPERCUT by AFX

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well…okay. Let’s do this then! (bell rings) Hadouken! Round 1 Fight! Hadouken! Tatsumaki Senpukyaku! (grunts) Hadouken! (burp) Hadouken! (laughs) Think she can do this? Hadouken! PERFECT! Hadouken! FIGHT! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Go, go! (laughs) K.O.! Round 1 Fight! (giggle) Truth be told… ..you throw me a token and jump me […]

SUSPIRIA Headline Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2018

– [Luca] I think that Dario’s movie is a masterpiece of all times and it’s something that has inspired generations of people and filmmakers alike. And so I think that it’s more an homage than something different. – [Tilda] What we’ve done is we’ve made a cover version, if you like, of a song that we love. And […]

OUTLAW KING Headline Gala | BFI London FIlm Festival 2018

– [James] Thinking about revenge? – [Man 1] Where’s Robert? Where’s your husband? – [Elizabeth] We don’t know. – It tears out the soul. – [Man 2] Where’s your brother? – No. – But it can also be a weapon. – [Chris] Amongst many different themes, I think the one that’s most important to me is this meditation […]

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