Exposing How Media Manipulates You By Distorting Facts | Michael Malice | MEDIA | Rubin Report

– The media, and I don’t mean every single person in media, of course, but by and large, the mainstream media, the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post and the rest of it, they have been unmasked. There has been a slow unmasking over the last couple of years of, it’s not even partisan, because partisan isn’t strong […]

Fake News for Students | Fordham University Libraries

Fake News – now you’ve probably heard this term thrown around a lot But what is it? Fake news is a headline, article, or image that’s created to intentionally mislead you But why? Fake news producers may have personal, political or financial motivations. As it turns out, it can be very profitable to embellish, mislead, or flat-out lie. […]

Lori Loughlin Is Going to Prison & Twitter Bots Spread Fake News | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Let’s begin with some scary news from Michigan. It was already one of the hardest hit states of the coronavirus pandemic, and now, as the expression goes, when it rains, it pours. Emotion whiplash for thousands in Central Michigan this evening as stay-at-home orders over coronavirus were suddenly turned to calls to evacuate after a pair of dam […]

Deepfake-Videos: Erkennst du die Fälschung? | reporter

Das macht mir ein bisschen Angst. Ich will probieren, ob ich mein Gesicht da reinkriege. * Musik: “Blinding Lights” von The Weeknd * Untertitel: ARD Text im Auftrag von Funk (2020) Stell dir vor, jemand stellt von dir manipulierte Videos ins Netz, auf denen du auf einer Nazi-Demo mitmarschierst oder in einem Porno zu sehen bist. Die totale […]

Infodemic: Coronavirus and the fake news pandemic

VOICE OVER: As the COVID-19 epidemic sweeps across the world, it’s been accompanied by a tsunami of misinformation. “Drink lemon and bicarbonate. Oh my god…” “Salt water, chloroquine.” “Hold your breath over ten seconds to check if your lung is healthy.” “If you keep sipping hot water, that washes it down to your stomach.” VOICE OVER: At a […]

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