3 Things I Hate About The Media

Hey you, my name is Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell and boy do us YouTubers love complaining about “the mainstream media”. Well I’m here to… Also complain about the mainstream media! Because like people always say, if it ain’t fixed, break it some more… It’s fairly safe to say that a vast majority of the “mainstream media”, be it print-journalism, […]

How The News Lies to You Every Day Yet You Never Notice

What you just saw was groundbreaking director Alfred Hitchcock discussing the power of the montage to influence, even change a viewer’s opinion. This is known as the Kuleshov effect. Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov showed the following clip to an audience. Then he showed them this clip. Finally, this. The audience fervently remarked how the expression on the man’s […]

China cables: ‘Don’t listen to fake news’ about Xinjiang camps, says Chinese ambassador

My name is Richard Bilton, I’m a reporter for BBC Panorama. I wrote to you this week, sir, about the reports in Xinjang. I know that they are prison camps. Why won’t you tell me the truth about those camps? First of all, I have to say, there’s no so-called labour camps as you describe. There’s what you […]

Paul Mason on Tory Lies, The Media Machine and What We Can Do About It

I’ve worked in the media for 30 years I know that the hostility to labour leaders who want to change things is what lies behind all of this. if there was a Labour leader who said “that’s fine guys, keep your profits, keep your carbon burning fracking industry, the press would leave them alone. There’s a kind of […]

How Social Media Killed Traditional News | Oliver Luckett

For all of the history up until this point, our communication structures have for the most part, especially mass media systems, have been very top down and they’ve been controlled by a few people that had distribution control. If you look back the church was really the first broadcast network. The church built out a very defined architecture […]

The media won’t get less politicized. News consumers must get smarter. | Keith Whittington

Traditional media outlets remain extraordinarily important to how we communicate and develop ideas. They’ve not been completely displaced by Facebook and Twitter and the like. In lots of ways, the internet is parasitic on traditional media sources because it’s those traditional news outlets that are doing the hard reporting, for example, that generates the facts that other people […]

Spotting Fake News

[MUSIC] As information becomes more available to our students and adults I consistently hear from some of our teachers that they think that computers are going to take over their job one day. In fact some think that their jobs are being taken over by computers now. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing. In fact, the […]

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