Best Of WWE Superstars ? Best of: Ridiculousness

– Welcome to Ridiculousness. I’m Rob Dyrdek. With me as always, Steelo Brim, Chanel West Coast. (audience cheering) Our guest today is a WWE superstar. She is the current Smackdown Women’s Champion. Welcome Becky Lynch. (audience applauding) – Welcome. – Thank you. – Hi. (audience cheering) – Man, do you take it everywhere you go? – Everywhere I […]

(Part 3) Ridiculousnessly Funny Clips That’ll Keep You ?? Best Of: Ridiculousness | #AloneTogether

– Welcome back to highdiculousness. Okay.What happens to the brain when you take a rip off a ball? (crowd laughing faintly) – Sometimes I get really creative, or I might sit there staring into space for 20 minutes and forget that I just took it. – Damn!… – Have you ever thought you were being creative and it […]

These People Failed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day | The Daily Show

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a day when America celebrates the legacy of one of its greatest civil rights leaders and a day where black people get to cut in line at Chipotle. At least, that’s my excuse. But what is Martin Luther King Day, and how should people celebrate it? Well, for more on this, we […]


We are in Kampen, one of three beautiful historic Hanseatic cities in the ‘IJsseldelta’, because soon the biggest Easter event of the Netherlands will be organized here: ‘Sail Kampen’. Major, what’s so special about ‘Sail Kampen’? When you have the most beautiful…. How did that happ… this is not going well…. This way! Try!

Top 10 News Reporter FAILS On LIVE TV (Try Not To Laugh)

Welcome to Top10Archive! This just in! The Top 10 Archive is back again with another thrilling installment! Known for delivering the breast content… Wait, did I say breasts? Ugh, I meant best! Best content! Oh well. As you can see nobody’s perfect, which is great because human folly is what gives us this hilarious Archive of news reporters […]

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