Warren Littlefield: Television Audiences Will Find Great Content, Wherever It Is

Warren Littlefield: In Must See TV through the ’90s, it was an incredible time where one network, one night, for one decade a third of the country watched NBC. They wanted to be a part of the national conversation or don’t go to work the next day. You’d be left out. Well, the world’s changed. We were in […]

Cyber Street – Your Social Media Privacy Settings Need Checking!

This is me and my boyfriend. Amazing kisser! That’s my new tattoo! Do not tell my mum! This was, ‘LOL’, soooo embarrassing. Rick’s party, I told my mum I was at Debs’ so don’t tell her! OMG. How did that get in there!? What was I thinking!? (man gasps) VO: You wouldn’t do this in the real world, […]

Social Media Strategies for Local Government Video

Texas gov presents social media strategies for local government social media is likely here to stay the private sector recognizes its value and many state and local governments are beginning to recognize its value too we live in an age of Facebook updates and text messages citizens are used to getting information quickly and on demand and social […]