How To Market Your Amazon or eBay Store via Social Media

How To Use Social Media for eBay and Amazon ATTENTION GRABBER (00:00-00:06) Hey everyone! In this video, I answer Becky’s question: How do I use social media to draw people to my eBay or amazon stores? (Insert screenshot) INTRO BUMPER (00:07-00:13) Personal-branded logo with music, animations and text to set the tone. THE CONTENT (00:14-01:14) So, if you […]

How To Add Social Media Funnels To Facebook Profile

Hey everybody, it’s Brenda Ster here at Sassy Suite, #EmpowerSocial. I’m the founder of Sassy Suite! We help direct sellers not be spammy online and build better social marketing plans. That’s what we do here. If you’re a direct seller and you’re new to our page, welcome. If you’re a leader and you have a team of direct […]

What Are The 3 P’s Of Social Media Content?

Hey, it’s Brenda Ster with Sassy Suite. Welcome to the Suite! Every Monday and Thursday, here on our page Sassy Suite, #EmpowerSocial, I share a little mini-training tip about something, something social marketing related, and we always have a whole theme for the whole month. Last month we talked all about Facebook, all the different things about Facebook […]

Facebook Marketing Tutorial 2019 | Social Media Marketing Strategy – Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019

welcome to the latest and very easy to apply Facebook marketing 2018 video training designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Facebook marketing for your business in 2018 I'm very excited to have you here and I know that this will be very helpful for you […]