Breaking News US/Australia ll Robbie Williams must spend £50k on monitoring equipment at £17m home

Robbie Williams’ is being forced to fork out £50,000 by council bosses on monitoring equipment so he can build the world’s most expensive basement and pool The pop star has been at loggerheads with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page since submitting plans at his £17million West London home five years ago Page objected to the plans as he […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll What you REALLY fund when you buy bottled water from charity Thankyou

A charity which claims to give all of its profits to ‘ending poverty’ keeps millions in the bank while spending big on staff wages and entertainment  The social enterprise Thankyou, set up in Melbourne in 2008, sells bottled water, personal care and baby care products at premium prices to raise money for charity  It is owned by Thankyou Charitable […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll What Bob Hawke REALLY thought of and Paul Keating

Bob Hawke and Paul Keating were the closest and most effective duos in Australian political history – until their dramatic falling out Keating served as treasurer for the eight years Hawke was Prime Minister, always hoping to succeed him in the top job By 1991 he lost patience after Hawke reneged on a secret 1988 pledge to hand […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll Britain’s rudest baby has been caught putting up two fingers

Britain’s rudest baby has been caught putting up two fingers to the camera while still inside the womb – and her mother said she ‘didn’t expect anything less’ Mother-to-be Jemma Houston, 21, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, walked away with the unusual photograph of her unborn daughter after a scan at the Royal Alexandra hospital  The expectant parent, who said […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll Smoggier than Shanghai: Sydney is blanketed in a layer of smoke

Smoky skies above Sydney aren’t expected to clear until the end of the weekend as fires continue to burn across New South Wales Seventy fires were burning across the state, 44 of which were uncontained on Thursday evening with most of NSW facing high to very high fire conditions on Friday Fires burning on the state’s mid-north coast, […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll House Rules: Bizarre guidelines contestants must abide by are reveale

Legal documents have exposed the strict and often bizarre rules reality TV contestants must abide by during filming The behind-the-scenes secrets of House Rules were laid bare this week in paperwork submitted to the Workers Compensation Commission, after former participant  Nicole Prince took legal action against Channel Seven The list of rules offers a grim picture of life filming a […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll Dem threat: Stop PAYING Trump staffers who don’t comply with inquiry

Administration officials could face losing their paycheck if they refuse to comply with the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump House Democrats have twice referencing using a provision in the annual Financial Services spending bill that outlines if a federal employee ‘prohibits or prevents’ another official from communicating with Congress, their pay can be withheld during that time […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll The Fig Tree burns down in Byron Bay after Bachelorette feature

The Fig Tree Restaurant in Byron Bay burned down on Saturday morning, several months after Angie Kent filmed scenes for The Bachelorette there  Fire and Rescue NSW Station 243 Byron Bay were called to the blaze at 3:15am, and said in a statement the ’cause of the blaze is currently under investigation’  Last year, The Bachelor couple Sam Wood […]

Breaking News US/Australia ll Adorable videos two bear cubs who locked themselves in a van

Two bear cubs locked themselves into a van and honked the horn repeatedly before being led out by the vehicle’s owner Jeff Stokely, who works for a home security company, parked his van outside a customer’s home in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Friday While working inside, he heard someone honking a car horn from outside for about 20 minutes […]

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