CHEVY LS ENGINE – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

– So, we’ve all been inside, right? We’ve been tinkering with our cars, getting them ready for that first drive of the summer. Well, not me, buddy. I mean, I’ve been going stir crazy, making videos in my empty garage. I haven’t turned a wrench in months and baby boy, I need a project, something big. Something I […]

TOYOTA GT86 – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

– I got a question for you guys, and buckle up buttercup ’cause it’s a doozy. Does making a car faster make it better? (car engine revs) Ever since these cars debuted in 2012, fans and haters alike have been asking one thing: when is it gonna get more power, baby? (car engine revs) (tires screech) Today, we’re […]

FOX BODY MUSTANG – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car engine revving) (tires squealing) – It’s the tire smoking, drag strip ripping, unofficial top muscle car of the 80’s. It’s got a reputation for leaving skid marks not only on the pavement but also on your passenger’s tighty whities. (car engine revving) This European influenced looking sportster rebirthed the American pony car and ushered in a new […]

DUCATI – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(motorcycle engine roaring) – It’s the two-wheeled Italian Stallion from the land of lasagna that gets motorcycle lovers buzzing in their leather breeches. They rose up from the rubble of their bombed out factory during World War II to become the largest Italian motorcycle manufacturer ever! (motorcycle engines roaring loudly) They build race bikes then they throw on […]

$535 Plasti Dip vs. $3,000 Vinyl Wrap | HiLow

– [Man] Oh no! (muffled) – This is the worst thing I’ve ever done. – $3000 professionally installed vinyl wrap. – Versus $535 do-it-yourself Plasti Dip. – Is more expensive more better? – Let’s find out! (car being transformed) (upbeat music) (tires screeching) We bought two nearly identical Nissan 350Zs, and we’ve been modifying them to be fun, […]

CADILLAC CTS-V – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car wheels screaching) – Let me ask you a question ’cause you’re smart and I respect your opinion. How did a dusty or grampappy car brand make one of the sickest burnout machines of all time? And in the process, completely redeem themselves. It came as a sedan, came as a coupe. Turn down your friggen hearing aids […]

DODGE HEMI – Everything You Need To Know | Up To Speed

(car screeching) – It’s the crossram breathing, fire snorting, eardrum deafening V8 that took America by storm. This absolute unit of an engine has powered everything, from muscle cars to your muscly dad’s truck. – That thing got a Hemi? – Yeah. (car engine roars) – It’s a legend so strong that for the first time ever, we’re […]

DODGE DURANGO – Everything You Need To Know | Donut Media

(car engine revving) – [Female] Man that’s like NASCAR. – He’s the lovable chameleon cowboy, who found himself in the high desert after his terrarium fell out of a car. He has a hat, he plays golf, he’s got the voice of Edward Scissorhands. – Try me. – This is everything you need to know to get up […]

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