How do you recognize fake news?

This is Revealed… …about one of the most bizarre fake news stories of 2016… Pizzagate. According to newly released documents, a government photographer told investigators that he intentionally cropped the photos of the inauguration. Sometimes it’s easy to tell whether something is fake or real news. After only a quick search, for example via, you will see […]

The Social Media Secrets Behind Europe’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event

I’m responsible for the overall marketing and communication activities, which include social media, side events, PR, content and marketing. This year, we wanted to make the social media buzz around the DMEXCO a bit more tangible and visible to the visitors. Therefore, we decided to install two big social walls in the middle of the DMEXCO Boulevard. It […]

Breaking: Mass Shooting At Popular Event In California… Here’s What We Know

There are reports of a mass shooting incident at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California at around 6 p.m. Pacific time. Reports of at least one and possibly two shooters, one described as a white male wearing camouflage. Initially, reports indicated that there was perhaps two or three victims. An unconfirmed report just before 7 p.m. Pacific was […]

Blaze Information Security – Invitation To Test Dive Conference 2019, Cracow, Poland, October 22

Hi, my name is Julio and I will be presenting at this year’s Test Dive in the security track, about fuzz testing and software security. We all know about functional testing, but how about negative testing? Or sending unexpected inputs to a program? In my presentation I will discuss, how to apply fuzzing to discover vulnerabilities, early in […]

Public Workshop on Competition in Television and Digital Advertising (Panel 2)

MS. LUBELL: So, welcome to the second panel of the afternoon, “Online Advertising – The Nuts and Bolts of Digital, Mobile and Online Television.” We have a lot to cover during this panel. And so, we’re going to try to end, let’s see, probably shortly after 5:00. So I’m going to only briefly introduce the panelists. You should […]

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