*67 Radio | Ep. 1 Better | its.ya.ladi

[intro music plays] Welcome to *67 Radio. (Laughter) I’m with its.ya.laddie. (Ah fuck) ladi: I’m its.ya.laddie and I’m with… 67:(whispers) *67 laddie:*67 tonight. laddie: That was your queue to just say your name. 67:(laughter) laddie: Into the mic that right in front of you! 67: Ah. what is this thing? laddie: Oh! That’s a… That’s actually from a… […]

Civil Protection Radio Chatter – Last Team (CC Subs Available)

OVERWATCH: Notice Protection Team; Civic Politic Stabilization Index is marginal: 404 Riot. DEFENDER 8-RL: CP is overrun we have no containment w-.. Shit! Fallout! Establish a new CP! DEFENDER 6: Affirmative, moving to Hard Point. DEFENDER 3: Move it! OVERWATCH: DEFENDER-8; Hight Priority Region is subject to; PRESSURE. PRESERVE. RESTRICT. DEFENDER 8-RL: Copy. Protection Team hold this position! […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E01 – ‘Nero The Hero’

Hi, I’m Neerav Kapoor and these are my profiles. That’s just a little joke. Actually this is how we give our introductions inside during auditions. Of course, that is after we are “Fit” to audition for the part. If the casting director says “Not Fit” then that means no audition, no introduction will have to try someplace else. […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E02 – ‘The Tables Turn’

I am Neerav Kapoor. I am Neerav Kapoor. You are Neerav… Kapoor? Neerav Kapoor! But we’ve finalized this actor. My cousin Robin has arrived from Delhi. He too wants to become an actor so he’s here to learn from the master. If the casting director says “Not Fit” that means no audition, no introduction, we will have to […]