Irish dad’s reaction to the news his son has “failed” his driving test.

I’m after passing my driving test But I’m letting on to the ould fella that I failed. He’s gonna go fuckin’ beserk. Well garsun, how did you get on? Well how are you? Well how did it go? Jaysus I’m a fuckin’ good while waitin’… Fuckin’…eh…the… Three-point turn…and the fuckin’ hill start What about it? Like, it was […]

Breaking The Cycle: Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Among the tapestry of themes and ideas presented in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the story’s take on anger is one of the most interesting. It’s a topic that is lesser discussed compared to other elements of the narrative, but it is just as prominent of a theme as nearly anything else. It’s about fury. Hatred. Some would say, wrath. […]


What’s up guys! We’re back here at the trampoline park. As you can see. We’re here after hours. I’m here with my boy Jesse behind the camera. Yo what’s up guys! So today I have something special in store for you guys. So for every trampoline park there’s a set of rules. As you can see there’s all […]

Cycling Up The World’s Steepest Road | Wales’ Record Breaking Hill

– Isn’t Harlech in Wales brilliant, James? – Yeah mate. Oh, it’s alright. – Did you know that Harlech Castle first began construction in 1283, and was the stronghold of Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh man to be the claimant to the title Prince of Wales? And the song Men of Harlech, well that was about the seven […]

EPIC MINEQUEST 2 | “Quest for Diamonds” by Sam Green Media

Huh!? Gah! Fwah!? Blagggghhhh!!!! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiit! ZOMBIE: Daaah…. Where’d he go? SKELETON: I think he’s hiding… Hold on, I have an idea. Ohhh Nooooo… The sun has come out… The fire… It burnnnnns… Ow, ow… ow…. Brains!? Duhh…. Maybe he has no brains after all… Holy Mother of Christ! The fire it […]

IS MY BEST FRIEND A LIAR? Lie Detector Test on Justin 24 Hour Challenge To Learn if He is Hacker PZ9

– What’s up Spy Ninjas? We are here at Justin’s house. It seems he’s not PZ9. Maybe, but he’s a little suspicious so we’re gonna give him a lie detector test. We got Daniel the lie detector expert right here. Vy and Regina, why don’t you guys go explore Justin’s house a little bit? – Oh. – I […]

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