Finn Wolfhard & Aneurin Barnard On ‘The Goldfinch’ | MTV News

– Were you aware of, ‘The Goldfinch’, this is obviously a huge bestseller, critically lauded book, how aware were you of it? – Yeah, well, every time I went to an airport it was there. It was one of those books that I’d never, y’know, it’s one of those ones you see and you go, “Huh, maybe I’ll […]

Jason Momoa on ‘See,’ Aquaman & ‘Game of Thrones’ | Personal Space | MTV News

– That was pretty rad. Do you play? – I don’t think I have the aptitude, buddy. (strumming electric guitar) – That thing sounds sick, dude. Best interview ever. (grunting) – I think I just got my calisthenics in for the day. – I haven’t even had caffeine yet. – [Josh] It’s always good to catch up with […]

The Internet On ‘Hive Mind’ & Their Recording Process | MTV News

– What’s up, I’m Gabby Wilson for MTV news, and I’m here with The Internet. What’s up guys? – Hello. – What’s good. – That’s Syd, Steve Lacy, Chris Smith, Patrick Page II, and Matt Martians. – Ooh. – You guys are getting back together after Ego Death came out, what, 2015? And you each had solo projects. […]

News, Entertainment & Sport Headlines – Today 3rd march

NASA and SpaceX celebrated the successful launch today of a new astronaut capsule on a week-long round trip to the International Space Station in what has been described as a critically important event in American history the launch is a key step towards resuming manned space flights from US soil after an eight-year break the new capsule run […]

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