Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life | Katherine Ormerod | TEDxManchester

Transcriber: Eunice Tan Reviewer: Tanya Cushman Hi, everybody, and welcome. My name is Katherine Ormerod, and I’m a journalist, an author, and a social media influencer. Now, if you had told me that of the many things that make up my CV, it would be posting pictures of myself online that really pays my bills, when I left […]

Lenin is Young Again – Radio Kamerger LIVE (English Subtitles)

The morning skies open and expand, the first step is the most important one Listen! The Earth rumbles, the winds speak of fierce attacks! Our fathers trust in us, in this great cause of ours. Our triumph is at hand, as young heroes rise! And the battle is going again and our hearts beat something fierce! And Lenin! […]

From social media to social impact | Amonge Sinxoto | TEDxLytteltonWomen

Transcriber: Ibrahim Fayyad Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs At my old school, we weren’t allowed to speak an African language. Teachers even gave us detention if we did. They said it would make people who didn’t understand feel uncomfortable. Yet other languages were spoken, and there was never any consequences. ‘I’m an Indian boy, and my Life Orientation teacher asked […]

Amazon’s ☄️NEWS SURROUNDING NEW WORLD (Cloud Gaming, New Interview, Lord of the Rings, Alpha Leaks)

Devin Nash Chief Marketing Officer of A Talent Agency Called NerdFusion, Ethan Evans Vice President of Twitch Prime here at Amazon, Nick Lang, Senior Publishing Producer for Amazon Games & – Working at Amazon, Why You May Want to Do That, and Some Details About New World. Game Streaming Platform – Code Name – Project Tempo Lord of […]


Vladimir Putin and Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov discussed school education at a working meeting. The Head of the Ministry told the President that all funds for the organization of free meals of junior students are already provided In addition, the Ministry controls the construction and licensing of new schools and kindergartens and pays special attention to compliance with […]

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