Meet Sunghoon Lee – Don’t go breaking my heart

I am Sunghoon Lee, Project Researcher at the Someya Laboratory in the University of Tokyo In our laboratory we are working for ultra flexible or soft electronics for biomedical applications. Our sensor can be used for the evaluation of cardiotoxicity with naturally pulsing cardiomyocytes. Conventionally the cardiomyocytes [were] fixed on their substrates or surroundings. However our sensor can […]

RC-ReporterĀ® – Inspire Action (2019)

– [Narrator] We live in a data obsessed world. From the start of our day to when we go home, data drives everything. And yet, data is meaningless. Numbers, KPIs, trend graphs changing minute by minute relentlessly growing bigger. But ultimately, data has no value on its own. Data needs context. Context leads to understanding, Understanding leads to […]

This Rocket-Powered Car Is Engineered to Break the Sound Barrier

You’re watching a test run of one of the fastest cars ever made. Zipping across the South African desert at 628 miles per hour, this car is the result of over a decade of extreme engineering and aerodynamic modeling. All with the end goal of breaking the world land speed record. But the team behind this project wants […]

Breaking the Mould: Building London’s Multi-Faceted Skyscraper | The B1M

Once a series of derelict east London docklands, the thriving Canary Wharf is now home to skyscrapers like this. Positioned to the east of Canary Wharf and rising to over 200 metres in height, the striking One Park Drive is the centrepiece of Wood Wharf – an entire new district being constructed on land reclaimed from the Thames. […]

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