Media bias: How do outlets cover school choice research? | IN 60 SECONDS

A common complaint among school voucher and charter school advocates is that media coverage of school choice research is biased. Do they have a point? Two colleagues and I examined this by identifying five pairs of nearly identical studies. Each pair measured the same outcomes and used the same methodology. The only difference in each case was the […]

SOCIAL MEDIA Vocabulary in English: 30 words to learn

Hi again, welcome to I’m Adam. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about social media. Now, all of you are, I’m sure, are aware of social media. There’re the big companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media has basically taken over almost everyday life for a lot people, so today I want to […]

Add Social Media to a Theme || Shopify Help Center 2017

In this video, we will show you how to add your social media accounts into your Shopify theme. From the Admin click Online store. Click Themes. Select the theme you want to edit. Click Customize. Click General settings then click Social media. Add your social media links. Click Save. Your social media accounts will now be added to […]

Will Bonds Break the Bull? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

ROGER HIRST: The ongoing dislocation between valuation and earnings has led many investors to question the very nature of the equity market and wonder what could be a catalyst for future weakness. Higher bond yields probably seem very unlikely in the current environment, but many believe that yields are still one of the biggest threats to this framework. […]

Ep. 78 Giant Pangolins, Dinosaur Footprints, and Space Junk | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s news update– Rare pangolins are caught on camera– A special set of dinosaur footprints is uncovered– And space junk is speared in a clean-up test. First up– it’s Animal Watch. Last year, scientists set up cameras in the forests and grasslands of Uganda, in Africa. They were hoping to spot a very unusual animal– and […]

Twig Science Reporter Season Four Starts September 12 | Twig Science Reporter

Get ready to share the wonder of science with the new season of Twig Science Reporter! A weekly science news service that will ignite your students’ curiosity. Every week, our short videos bring real-world science right into your classroom. Wow your students with the latest news about space, technology, the environment, and much more! Explore incredible scientific phenomena, […]

Ep. 95 Dying Mangroves and Reading Ancient Scrolls | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s news update– Unrolling ancient scrolls– Monitoring mangrove forests– And floating away with a high-tech balloon. First up– 1,940 years ago, in AD 79, a volcano called Mount Vesuvius erupted, destroying the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The eruption also damaged a set of scrolls– long sheets of paper-like material that stored written information before […]

Ep. 45 Yucatan Cave, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Brumation | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s news update– a discovery on the planet Mars, the world’s longest underwater cave and how alligators survive a cold snap! First up– this is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a NASA spacecraft that explores the surface of the planet Mars, and it recently made an exciting discovery! Using a special telescope called HiRISE, it found thick […]

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