END TIMES EVENTS ARE HERE! We are Living in Biblical Events ~~~A MUST SEE~~

as three fires burn in Arizona 12 news continues to be on wildfire watch good evening everyone thanks so much for joining us for 12 news at 5:30 I'm Rachel cold and I'm Mitch Carr let's get you to the fast facts about the wildfires burning across the state right now first is the museum fire which is […]

RARE event captured by satellite – GIANT Bolide SOARS into Caribbean Sea!

Tuesday June 25th 6:00 p.m. mountain time 2019 guys what you're about to see here in this video occurs probably on a daily basis but goes unnoticed you're looking at a very rare capture of a large bolide over the Caribbean Sea that occurred a little over 72 hours ago that flash right there I'm going to zoom […]