Motherland Season 1 Finale | Sneak Peek: General Alder Opens Up To The Unit | Freeform

You think you see everything. Don’t you? It does seem like you owe us some answers. I owe you nothing. And I will not justify my actions to three privates who barely made it through basic. But … considering our present circumstances, it’s important that we trust each other. The first time I made a decision that affected […]

Motherland Season 1, Episode 8 | Sneak Peek: Anacostia Explains Citydrop | Freeform

Every element of your training is to be used against the enemy. That enemy is the Spree. At any point over the next … two days, you may encounter trip mines or hostile Spree agents. Those are our trained officers. And they will be using the same techniques the Spree are using to wreak havoc in the world. […]

Hao met his fav star, Myungsub! [The Return of Superman/2020.04.26]

Haoh, someone important will be visiting us today. You and I will make ssanghwa tea. “Ssanghwa tea”. – Yes. Ssanghwa tea. / – The visitor – must be someone older. / – Ssanghwa tea is made with various herbal medicines. We have to boil it. – He knows they have to boil it. / – Yes, we boil […]

Adam Driver on The “Incredibly High Stakes” of Shooting Every Scene in ‘Marriage Story’ | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Adam, “Marriage Story’s” semi-autobiographical. Were you playing your director? – I may have, like all of these things, Noah’s wrote a script, he did that hat trick that people, I think try to do, of writing something that’s incredibly specific but reaches a broader audience. I mean, like anything, like “Meyerowitz”, you know “The Squid […]

Din’s Pictures “Memories of Snowman” [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.03.08]

This is the first nominee. – Let’s watch the video… / – We’re starting now. from Din’s Picture. – We’re looking forward to it. / – I’m nervous. They plagiarized the title. “They plagiarized the title.” (Provided by Din’s Picture) (“Memories of Snowman”) – What was that? / – What’s that? (Is he being chased by a snowman?) […]

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