A Radio Manager’s Guide To Spinning The Figures – Larry and Paul

Ah Darren, hello mate. Um, great news. Listening figures are up. I mean it’s a testament to the hard work the station’s been doing over the past year, quarter on quarter. So we’re going to issue a press release immediately, “Better Than Ball At Breakfast”. Right, but we’re not better than Radio 2 are… Better Than Ball. Ah […]

Royal Uk – Why Nicholas Witchell broke down on BBC News – as fans raise health concerns

 Nicholas Witchell sparked concerns about his health when he had a ‘meltdown’ on last night’s BBC News while reporting on the birth of the royal baby  The Beeb’s royal correspondent was in the middle of a live broadcast outside Buckingham Palace in London when he suddenly stopped, apologised and looked confused  And while many of the veteran broadcaster’s […]