Cleveland Newspaper Torches Jim Jordan For His Disgusting Behavior

The plain dealer, a newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio this past Thursday published a scathing op-ed attacking Republican representative Jim Jordan, who also happens to represent part of the area where the plain dealer is one of the most popular newspapers out there. And here is what this op-ed had to say about mr Jim Jordan. There was no […]

Trump Unloads On Fox News Host Who Embarrassed Steve Scalise

On Sunday morning. Fox news host Chris Wallace had Republican representative Steve scalies on the program to talk about the impeachment hearings of the past week and Steve scalies tried to claim that these people that Adam Schiff was bringing in were all Adam shifts people, to which Chris Wallace said, well, hold up man. These are actually […]

Brexit will leave UK a ‘second-rate player’, says Donald Tusk

I want to tell you something I wouldn’t have dared to say a few months ago as I could been fired for being too frank. I have heard repeatedly from Brexiteers that they wanted to leave the European Union to make the United Kingdom global again, believing that only alone, it can truly be great. You could hear […]

BREAKING: Court Confirms Trumps Tax Returns Can Be Turned Over

We have yet another major court decision that says, yes, Donald Trump’s tax returns can and should be turned over to the New York state criminal investigators that are investigating him, which is yet another failed attempt by Donald Trump to prevent the release of those tax returns. Now I assume that this will be appealed to the […]

Trump Challenger Says Fox News Is LYING To Public About Impeachment

Former Republican representative Joe Walsh, who was a avid tea partier back when he came into Congress, who has now seen the error of his ways allegedly. And he’s primary Donald Trump in 2020 but nonetheless, Mr. Walsh told CNN just a few days ago, that outlets like Fox news and pretty much every other conservative media outlet […]

ABC News Buried Epstein Story To Protect Their Powerful Friends

Here on ring of fire. We have talked a lot about project Veritas. We’ve talked about their dirty reporting, their deceitful video editing and the fact that they pretty much get everything wrong and they try to, uh, convince the public that their lies are actually the truth. Well, this time project Veritas got it right. They released […]

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