President Trump says British PM Theresa May is not hot – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

To be clear, Arlene, you insist that Northern Ireland must be treated exactly like the rest of the UK except on the issue of abortion, where it must be completely different. No, I don’t see any contradictions there either. Great to work with you. Speak soon. God, I hope not. That came for you. More shoes? Yes. Buying […]

Fox not BBC President Trump tells British PM Theresa May – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

I’m Theresa May. I’m Donald Trump and I’m very popular in your country. Watch Tracy Breaks the News — on Fox News! — 9:30 p.m. BBC one Only on Fox News. BBC One. Fox. It’s BBC, actually. It’s BBC Fox. It’s fine. Don’t you have foxes everywhere?