Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market – full documentary – BBC News Arabic | BBC Africa Eye

In the Gulf, women, employed as domestic workers, are being sold online, via apps provided by Google and Apple. It’s been called an online slave market. BBC News Arabic goes undercover in Kuwait to expose this shocking and disturbing online trade. It’s an unregulated black market depriving women and children of their basic human rights, leaving them at […]

Hailey Bieber ADDRESSES Selena Gomez Comparisons!

Justin and Hailey Bieber took some time to chat with fans over the weekend, and when a question came up surrounding people’s opinions on her relationship with Justin and comparisons to his past girlfriends, Hailey didn’t shy away from letting fans in on the effect they have on her. What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver […]

Blame Bill Hader for Pete Davidson Becoming The King of Staten Island

-Hey, guys. Thank you so much for being here. You know, I’m so excited to have you both on. This is great. And I want to talk about the movie and get into that, but, first, how are you doing? You look great. Pete, where are you? Where are you quarantining? -I am quarantining in my mom’s basement. […]

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media – Feature, Documentary

(light music) (logo squeaking) (somber music) (helicopter rotors whirring) (camera clicking) – Good morning welcome, good morning welcome to Erin, good morning welcome to Erin Mills Town Center. (jangling music) Three, two, one, take two. Good morning, welcome to Erin Mills Town Center, the home of the world’s largest permanent, point-of-purchase video wall installation. My name is Kelvin […]

I-Witness: ‘Ako si Patient 2828,’ dokumentaryo ni Howie Severino | Full Episode (with subtitles)

The year began with a volcanic eruption. No one imagined that an even bigger catastrophe was on the horizon. This was just one of the crises that we’ve covered in the past several years. The Philippines has faced epic challenges in the last decade. In this job, we can’t afford to get sick. And I’ve rarely gotten sick […]

Crazy Mohan Exclusive Interview with Chief Reporter of Nettv4u

Hello to all nettv4u viewers from Crazy Mohan! I’m a sentimental guy. In all of my shows, stories, serials even in short stories my hero is Madhu and heroine is Janaki. People think Janaki is my lover or wife. But the truth is it is because of my school life. I studied at Karpagavalli Kalanilayam, a corporation school. […]

Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Four Corners

TIM MCLEAN: Morning folks, it’s um Thursday the 6th of February. Middle of a ghost town here. Everyone is hiding. It’s dire here. It’s very dire. There’s people dropping on the footpath, literally. Ok? I can’t wait to get out of here, it’s terrible. SEAN NICHOLLS, REPORTER: A city of 11 million people in lockdown. STEPHEN MCDONELL, BBC […]

The Team Meeting: ‘Let’s break the internet’ | A Liverpool FC Content Creative session

If football doesn’t work out, I’m seriously considering a professional career in music. Follow your dreams, lad. Thanks, bro, thanks. Nice of you to join us, Bobby. Right, boys… I’ve called this meeting because I’m sick of all the daft stuff the media team are getting us to do. And I think we can get our heads together […]

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