2019.10.10 12:00 NEWS Headlines

South Korea raises the issue of Japan’s plan to release radioactive water from its Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean at an International Maritime Organization meeting in London demanding Japan disclose information over how its handling the contaminated water residue moon jae-in pledges to further support South Korea’s development of next-generation displays as he visits a […]

Loading a Media Roll on the HP DesignJet T930, T1530, and T2530 Printer Series | HP DesignJet | HP

This video shows loading the roll on the HP DesignJet T2530 series, but the steps are the same for the T930 and T1530 printer series. First, unload the roll by pressing the buttons Settings and Roll on the front panel, then select the Unload option. Remove the roll, then remove the spindle from the printer. Open the latch […]

Transferring Information from One Computer to Another Computer Using Windows Easy Transfer | HP

This video shows how to use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer information from one computer to another computer. You can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer information from computers with Windows 8, Windows RT, or Windows 7 to a computer with Windows 8.1. Windows Easy Transfer cannot transfer files from a Windows 8.1 computer to another computer. Use […]

[SUB-EN] Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?

So this video may not include Fox News’s dumbest anti-atheist question of the year because after all back in January I did upload a video showing a Fox and Friends anchor reacting to President Obama’s inaugural address mentioning non-believers by asking if mentioning atheists as actually offensive. But the question I saw asked on Fox News yesterday was […]

What It's Like to Work With Disruptive Advertising

having the best car in the world won't matter if you don't have the right driver this principle applies in advertising to a disruptive we've got fantastic software but without our awesome team that wouldn't mean much they're committed to improving lives to results based relationships I have an apparel company and I've been able to triple the […]

Search & Display Advertising: What’s the Difference? | ReachLocal

people often confuse search advertising and display advertising so what's the difference and why do you need them both search advertising is a type of paid advertising that gets your business found on search engines search ads allow you to reach consumers when they're searching for your products or services in your area based on specific keywords and […]

IAB Corporate Training Programs for Digital Advertising & Media

the IB has a reputation for years of being a creator of standards and guidelines and best practices so it certainly makes sense that we would take a leading role in professional development and distributing and disseminating that information to corporate teams we make sure that when we work with a company we understand very clearly what its […]