3 Types of Ad-Free Social Media Engagement: The Building Blocks of a More Attractive Online Presence

Hi and welcome! My name is Jon Leland and this is Video Mojo. Video Mojo is both a video blog and a podcast that combines timeless marketing principles with a playful exploration of what I call the “bleeding edge” of both digital video and social media, and today we’re going to dig into social media a little bit. […]

Case Study: Rapt Media – Digital Marketing Research & Lead Generation

Rapt Media, a leader in interactive video technology, was dealing with a common challenge most sales teams face — finding and pursuing high-quality leads. Without a steady stream of leads filling their sales pipeline, customer acquisition and revenue goals would be tough to meet. Their mission for Room 214: generate high quality leads and help sales run like […]

In The Cave #22: How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

Jordan: On this week’s episode, we talk about how to build an audience from scratch. Justin: Stick around. [The sound of angels singing] Justin: Hello, and welcome to another episode of In The Cave. I’m Justin Kerby. Jordan: I’m Jordan Scheltgen. Justin: And today, we’re talking to you about how to build a following on social media from […]

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