Bahan Bantu Mengajar (BBM) “DADU BM” dalam pengajaran perkataan KVK+KV MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN

Greeting all today we will learn KVK + KV words words of guava, forks, keys, doors with lights (jambu, garpu, kunci, pintu dengan lampu) I have produced one learning tool to enable students to learn more interestingly This learning tool is called DADU BM The dice are divided into six parts which involves five pictures related to the […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E10 – ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’

I did it. I have cracked Woo. I put all my real information in it and voila! Now there are back to back matches lined up. Height 5’10”, hometown Delhi, everything’s correct. Now I’m just waiting for that one person to give me a match and I’m all sex. I’m all set, set. I meant set. Freudian Slip! […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E07 – ‘Reflections of Blood’

I don’t know why I’m not getting any matches. Now, I’ve even changed my profile pic, to make it look more real. Look. This is not photoshopped, I swear. It’s actually Hrithik Roshan’s poster. My profile is 100% real now. Please, help me win against Robin. I swear, if you’re my perfect match, I will take you out […]

Dice Media | Ban Ban

Are you crazy, dude? Do you realize the impact if Greece defaults? The loan amount is a whopping 323 BILLION DOLLARS! 323 billion! If Greece gets f****d the Eurozone gets f****d. And if the Eurozone gets f****d then the whole economy is screwed. Get your facts right. Dude, calm down. It’s Greece. Not America. So? India’s foreign exchange […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E06 – ‘In-House Talent’

I’m not getting even a single match, how are you doing it? You had got one last week, didn’t you? Yeah, I’ve my doubts about that one. I don’t think she’s the real Katrina Kaif. Show me your profile. When was this photo taken? No I mean, to those who see it, it’s not.. Name – Neerav ‘Nero’ […]

Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E02 – ‘The Tables Turn’

I am Neerav Kapoor. I am Neerav Kapoor. You are Neerav… Kapoor? Neerav Kapoor! But we’ve finalized this actor. My cousin Robin has arrived from Delhi. He too wants to become an actor so he’s here to learn from the master. If the casting director says “Not Fit” that means no audition, no introduction, we will have to […]

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