Trump’s Poor Response to National Protests; WHO Withdrawal Mid-COVID | US Politics :60 | GZERO Media

Hi, it’s Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico, and this is your US Politics in just 60 Seconds. Alright, let’s start the clock. Well, in no significant organized way. A lot of presidential tweets kind of on all sides of the issue but leaning towards law and order and criticizing ANTIFA. But he has not showed an […]

COVID -19 Impacts: WHO, US-China; Erdogan; Putin & Russia; Bolsonaro | World In :60 | GZERO Media

Hi, everybody. Ian Bremmer here with your World In more than 60 Seconds. Coronavirus keeps on giving, so do I. Over 60 seconds until we can get through this damn crisis. Boy, I’m sick of it. I know you are, too. Here are your questions. Number one: Well, we need someone to blame for this virus crisis, right? […]

Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look

-Welcome back to “Late Night,” everybody. It’s been two months since we first left the studio and we have heard some of your criticisms about our attic shows. I want you to know that we are taking it to heart. So, as of today, there will be no more reference to the copy of “The Thorn Birds” that […]

How Do Different Social Media Platforms Affect Your Mood?

– Alright. So we might have to do this a couple times. You’ve been forewarned. We use the hell out of social media. And while on occasion, it can prove useful, Aw man, my grammy’s bitmoji game is dope. Experts warn that social media use is fundamentally changing the way our brains process information. The media thinks we’re […]

Vishwaguruji’s Interview in Ukrainian Television

My greetings to all who are with us at this time. Today we will speak about spiritual values, health, secrets of happiness and harmony, cause in our studio are the representatives of public organization “Yoga in Daily Life”. Today we have such a nice opportunity to have a conversation with Vishwaguruji Maheshwarananda – a famous humanist, founder of […]

How social media saved me from suicide | SK Shlomo | TEDxExeter

Translator: Riaki Poništ Reviewer: Ellen Maloney (Music) (Beatboxing) (Beatboxing ends) Two, three, four. (Beatboxing, sampled into a new loop) (Humming, sampled into a new loop) (Loop ends) (Music) Hi. (Cheers) (Applause) I’m SK Schlomo. Is it OK if I tell you a story? Audience: Yes! Last summer, my whole world transformed. Since the age of 19, I had […]

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