Delta Air Lines The Wizard of Oz Disney MGM Studios Florida Television Commercial (1989)

[music]>>Narrator: Come take a flight of fantasy.>>Welcome aboard Delta.>>Ooohhh>>Narrator: Fly Delta to the new Disney-MGM-Studios theme park at Walt Disney World. Where you’ll see how movies are made, and be part of the action. [Girl Screams] Your road to stardom, starts on Delta.>>Strawman: Last time Dorothy flew, she was in a house.>>Narrator: Let Delta and Disney make your […]

News Wrap: Delta reduces flights by 40 percent amid falling travel demand

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Delta Air Lines is slashing its flights by 40 percent now that the pandemic has triggered a decline in demand for travel. It is also halting all flights to continental Europe for the next 30 days and grounding up to 300 airplanes as a way to trim costs. Delta’s CEO said […]

Huge News for the First Same-Sex Couple on “Bachelor in Paradise” – Lights Out with David Spade

In devastating news, Bachelor in Paradise’s first same-sex couple have decided to break their engagement. -What?! -Wow, wow. -What? -I’m shocked to my very core. I can’t believe that didn’t last forever. Yeah. I can’t believe a-a fabricated relationship on a show that’s trying to get ratings didn’t work. Yeah. Well, I-I don’t know how to feel about […]