Why Frank Ocean’s “Nights” Gives You Goosebumps | Genius News

DELISA: With his vulnerable lyricism and impressive production, Frank Ocean has become one of today’s most beloved artists. DELISA: After the release of his last album 2016’s ‘Blonde’, fans keyed in on the standout track “Nights” and its beatswitch. DELISA: These beat switches have become synonymous with Frank and have been a part of his music since the […]

How Horns Took Over Hip-Hop In 2019 | Genius News

DELISA: It’s no secret that horns have laid the foundation for a number of hip-hop hits over the years, like JAY-Z’s “Roc Boys” and Kanye’s “Touch The Sky,” but a few horn-heavy tracks have ruled 2019, like J. Cole’s “Middle Child” and Young Thug’s “Hot.” DELISA: In music composition, horns tend to serve as the melody. TAYLOR:Trumpets and […]

Breaking Down Tyler, The Creator’s British Influences | Genius News

DELISA: Since his earliest releases in 2008, Tyler, The Creator’s left a unique mark on hip-hop. And he’s continued to evolve over the course of his solo projects, flaunting his standout production ability, thanks to a keen ear for certain sounds from across the pond. TYLER: I just lurk music a lot. I wake up every morning and […]

Here’s Why DaBaby’s Songs Sound The Same | Genius News

DELISA: Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Dababy’s braggadocious flow has scored him a Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit in “Suge” and a no.1 album on the Billboard 200, solidifying his entry into the mainstream. But it’s really his video game like beats and comical flow that’s grabbing people’s attention. DELISA: DaBaby knows what it takes to make a […]

Doja Cat’s Funniest Lyrics | Genius News

DELISA: In the past two years, California artist Doja Cat has mastered the internet and established herself as the queen of viral tracks. DOJA CAT: My hits, my songs that go viral, they stick in people’s heads. DELISA: So we tapped the Genius Community to round up Doja Cat’s funniest bars. Doja often incorporates quick-witted metaphors into her […]

All The Namedrops On Young Thug’s ‘So Much Fun’ | Genius News

DELISA: Young Thug’s new album ‘So Much Fun’ is here and it’s packed with some choice namedrops. Let’s take a look at a few. DELISA: Young Thug kicks off the album on “Just How It Is” shouting out Street Fighter’s Ryu and Ken. DELISA: Later in the track, he includes a possible double entendre to his frequent collaborator […]