[ENG SUB] Super Junior Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook & Shindong’s Sweet Morning Call #2YA2YAO

Next is morning call. Who are we calling to? -To human. -There is a phone here, when it rings, please answer the phone. Please wake the person up with the sweetest voice ever. Easy right? -We will try doing it. -You need to add a bit of acting on it. -We will start with Ryeowook. -Yeah, that’s good. […]

SampleSumo & MuseScore on Spanish Television

… things that people are developing We speak with Bram: Bram, good afternoon Good afternoon Let’s see, you’ve already prepared everything, with your computer… Explain to us what you will be presenting tomorrow. Ok. We’re two belgian companies, but we came here because both of us do things with music technolgy. What we created, or what we are […]

Louis de Funès in german television +++ENGLISH SUBTITLES+++

…tonight, one of Europe’s most popular comedians live on stage… …Louis de Funès! Mr. de Funès…do you speak german? …do you speak german?? …do you speak german???? Yes I remember you since my childhood. You make movies for 30 years now, right? Yes The last movie you made in Saint Tropez. Is it fun to make movies there? […]

eliminar cuenta google samsung j6 SM-J600FN sin talkback

hola a todos bienvenidos a nava techno el día de hoy les enseñaré a como eliminar la cuenta de google del samsung galaxy j6 este método sirve para aquellos asuntos que no pueden entrar a la opción de tal back ya que tienen un parche de seguridad más reciente antes de comenzar debes restaurar tu dispositivo por recovery […]

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