21 People Reveal Worst Reasons For Breaking Up With Someone | Digital Love

– She was a dominatrix and I wasn’t entirely, like, cool with that. (upbeat electronic music) – Oh, they prefer Dunkin’ over Starbucks? No. They use an Android phone? No. They’re vegan, obviously? No. Staten Island? That’s just, never. – Oh, worst reason… – Eating loudly. – Touching your hair too much. – If she’s, like, a bad […]

‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks Reunion With Hannah Brown & Unexpected Ending | In Studio

– Do you remember the names of the eight women that you eliminated? – Yeah. (laughs) – Bring it on, let’s hear it. – Oh, you wanna know? – Yeah, I want to know. – Yeah, uh. – [Laela] I’m gonna get my pen out to mark them off. Okay, so, oh shit. Hey, it’s Peter Weber and […]

Why Is a Landlord Called a “Landlord”? – Neal Brennan

You know what drives me crazy about the economy is when they talk about it on the news. They act like everybody’s rich. You notice that? Where they’ll be like, “Global economic meltdown. Is your money safe?” What, do you mean the $43 I have in my checking account? It should be okay. Thank you. Then you turn […]

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