Interactions Through Digital Media Can Have a Real Impact | Digital Literacy 101

Because digital media are so interactive, they can affect our behaviour, perceptions, beliefs — and our feelings about the world around us. Even though it may not seem like it, our interactions through digital media can have a real impact on others. For instance, that funny photo you post or joking text you send may not be so […]

Social Media is a Dumpster Fire. So How Can We Fix It?

This video is sponsored by Dashlane. Whenever I get on the internet these days, I’m almost always immediately overwhelmed with the feeling that social media – was a mistake. Now I’m being slightly facetious here, social media has allowed human beings to connect with each other and share information to an unprecedented degree, which I think is amazing. […]

Oversharing on Social Media: Advice for Parents

For parents to understand this, oversharing is when you share sort of too much information. But it’s much more complicated in 2017. So a typical teenager has to assess exactly who and what they’re going to share with. So you have to think about who you’re gonna share it. What you’re gonna share on Instagram. What you’re gonna […]