Harassment is breaking Twitter’s free speech experiment

You guys are not going to believe what Trump just tweeted. He– Uh oh. Sorry. Try it again. You guys are not going to believe what Trump— Jesus. What’s wrong? Um. Nothing. One more time. You guys are not going to— You know what? Never mind. Twitter’s harassment problem is out of control and it’s changing the way […]

The Psychology of Trolling

Since you’re watching SciShow, you’re probably pretty familiar with the Internet — it’s full of information and awesome communities. But, like any cool and kinda-magical place, it has its dark sides… Even its very own trolls. Trolling is used to describe a lot of different situations. But, basically, it’s when someone posts an off-topic or inflammatory comment to […]

10-Year-Old Anti-Bullying Advocate Gets Surprised By His Idol Bobby Flay

– Jayden’s mom Anna is actually here in the audience. You must be so proud of your son. I mean – Yeah. – I have four children and like any time mine are like exceptional. He was like, I’m just, it’s just the most proud moment ever. I don’t even care about straight A’s. Like the kindness is […]