Will Bosnia Break Up? Could Republika Srpska Really Secede?

It has now being a quarter of a century since the brutal and bloody civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina came to an end. And yet there’s still a real fear that the country could break apart. In this video, I look at whether Republika Srpska, the Bosnian Serb entity, could secede. As I’ll show, it’s a lot […]

The Hindu News Analysis | 28th November 2019 | Current Affairs – UPSC Mains – Prelims 2020

Good evening, aspirants! Welcome, to ‘The Hindu’ news analysis by Shankar IAS Academy These are the list of articles chosen for today’s analysis. It has been given along with the page numbers of Chennai Bengaluru Delhi Trivandrum and Hyderabad editions. The link for the handwritten notes in the PDF format and the time stamping for the displayed articles […]

The Hindu News Analysis | 21st and 22nd November 2019 | Current Affairs – UPSC 2020

Welcome to ‘The Hindu’ News Analysis by Shankar IAS Academy, for the dates 21st and 22nd November 2019. These are the list of news articles selected for the corresponding dates, it has been displayed along with the page numbers in different editions of the newspaper. The link for the handwritten notes in the PDF format and the time […]

Information in the Midst of an Impeachment Inquiry | Web Extra

>>Professor, let me ask you just a couple more things, for our special web viewers here. If people are confused about how impeachment works, are the Democrats following the proper procedure? Is this the right use of this process, that kind of thing? How does this work? Where can they go to find information that’s just plainly about […]

How to read a newspaper in 10 mins? || S01E05 – Kaizen Series || English Subtitles

Why read a newspaper? We may have app notifications But a newspaper is a collage of arts from various sectors and gives us an image of yesterday Apart from current affairs a newspaper has facts, tweets, business, district,state,national and international news, Also sports and science, Now, how? Set the timer for 10 minutes. In the first two and […]

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