Controversial Radio Show – Earth Radio Network is shocking truth radio

You can’t handle the truth under health Wolves Saturday night july 8:15 or 2017 Benjamin knight. What did they say the bilderberg group as you like it? The good Dr.. Drake is out tonight along with Double-a. They’re both attending to other business They shall return next Saturday night as you heard Benjamin knight is in studio with […]

Civil Protection Radio Chatter – Last Team (CC Subs Available)

OVERWATCH: Notice Protection Team; Civic Politic Stabilization Index is marginal: 404 Riot. DEFENDER 8-RL: CP is overrun we have no containment w-.. Shit! Fallout! Establish a new CP! DEFENDER 6: Affirmative, moving to Hard Point. DEFENDER 3: Move it! OVERWATCH: DEFENDER-8; Hight Priority Region is subject to; PRESSURE. PRESERVE. RESTRICT. DEFENDER 8-RL: Copy. Protection Team hold this position! […]