Lisa Guerrero Confesses She Thinks Joe Exotic Is Guilty In This Crafting Challenge I Crafts&Q’s I HB

– People are really hungry to– (Lisa and man laughing) Oh my gosh, okay. (upbeat music) Hi there, I’m Lisa Guerrero and today I’m getting crafty with “House Beautiful,” but I’m supposed to be doing this craft with no instructions, so this should be interesting. I am pretty crafty. I like to do crafts. However, fabric crafts are […]

Carrie Underwood On The One Thing She Says Husband Mike Fisher Has To Cook Himself

Does your husband cook too? Does he like getting in there and making a mess with you? Well I don’t, I’m not a good meat cooker because I’m not a meat eater. Gotcha. So I will do all the veggies and all the sides, and if he wants meat he gonna have to make that himself. Well men […]

Shrimp Rolls, Cheese-Filled Golden Crab, & Dragon Beard Candy | Yan Can Cook | KQED

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Announcer: And now, Martin Yan, the Chinese chef! How are you? [Audience Responds] Nǐ hǎo ma That is Chinese for “how are you?” You have heard of livre cuisine Well, today, we are going to introduce you to livre Chinese: A mixture of eastern and western flavors and technique Here are crispy shrimp rolls, […]

Barry Vera chef director | talks food | STK London | Cucina Asellina | Radio Rooftop Bar | ME Hotel

I’m Barry Vera the chef director for the One Group we have over 26 hotels and restaurants around the world. I’m here today at one of our key properties, The Me hotel. We have STK which is all about US beef so it’s got the American feel. I’ve got Radio on the roof which is all about tapas, […]

Kelly Can’t Stop Giggling While Making Italian Food With Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey & Scott Conant

– Our next guest is ready to teach us how to make a real gourmet dish. He’s the owner of Mora Italian in Phoenix and Cellaio Steak in New York. You’ve also seen him on Food Network as a judge on Chopped. You got a lot going on. – Yeah. – Okay, say hello to Chef Scott Conant […]

Break-up Pasta – Aglio E Olio – You Suck at Cooking (episode 14)

It’s gloomy out, which makes it a good day to make breakup pasta. Breakup Pasta is a way to end a relationship when you’re a giant coward, like me. The breakup pasta we’re going to make today is called Aglio E Olio. It sounds like a made-up word, But it’s actually a real word from a made-up language […]

Rolling Gunpowder Dosa at Santa Fe’s Only South Indian Restaurant — Cooking in America

– So Santa Fe’s got a population less 100,000 people and smack dab in the middle of it is Paper Dosa. It’s a South Indian cuisine restaurant. They’re not doing tikka masala. These guys are doing paper dosas from Chef Paulraj who left San Francisco to follow his heart in Santa Fe. Hey Chef. – Hey Sheldon, welcome […]

Baap of Paratha Rolls | Silver Spoon, Tariq Road | Soup from Bangladesh | Pakistan Street Food

where are you from? I am from Bangladesh bangladesh? Yes so do you go to bangladesh? i often go there when did you last visit? its been three years now oh! why did’nt you go since 3 years? visa is clsed these days, but inshAllah i’ll go there who else is in your family? I have a mother, […]

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