Code Break 2.0: Prototypes with Lyndsey Scott and Mark Cuban

– Hi everybody, welcome to code break. My name is Hadi Partovi, I’m calling from headquarters here in our studio. Actually no, I’m just at home. Let me change my virtual background. This is my living room and I’m joined with my daughter, Sofia. Sofia is gonna be the soundboard manager. (ceremony trumpets blow) And we’re joined […]

Improving Biomedical Image AI Training and Analysis | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. We’re no strangers to the concept of using AI to assist in medical treatment. One of the challenges is the data used for analyzing biomedical images can be imbalanced, hindering effectiveness. What do we mean by imbalanced? Well, think of medical imaging datasets. They’re mostly composed of normal samples. For […]

[CS198.1x Week 2] Bitcoin Headlines

Following years of hacks and bad reputation, Bitcoin finally began to grow in general popularity. Here are some of the big headlines following Mt. Gox’s theft and subsequent declaration of bankruptcy in February 2014: In March 2014, people thought they had found Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto in California, but that was a false alarm. In September 2014, venture […]

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