Chevrolet Lumina McDonald’s Disney MGM Studios Theme Park Television Commercials

>>Narrator: The 1990 family Lumina comes with a warranty that covers everything, Bumper-to-bumper. Introducing the family Lumina, from today’s Chevrolet.>>Narrator: The new Chevy Lumina’s four wide swing outdoors and the most passenger room in its class make it easy to get into very easy. Introducing the 1990, family Lumina from today’s Chevrolet.>>Every player is the winner.>>You know, Blast […]

What Are the Advantages of Online Radio Advertising?

How does radio advertising work to my advantage? You, as a business owner, have the right to exploit the possibilities to promote your business through advertising. Back then, you used to advertise on local newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Besides, advertising on AM/FM radio stations or television was very popular. Today, those options for advertising are old-fashioned and not […]

Six packs, success and solitude: men in the media | Modern Masculinity

Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. A successful man in an advert doesn’t talk very much. He’s really, really big, strong, stoic, isolated and solitary. I mean maybe that’s the dream maybe that’s what men want. I don’t know. So, this […]


Rat Eggs Demon Eggs Dog Eggs Chris. It’s all the same. Soapy eggs Slimy, Grimy, Twisted Eggs Chris, listen man, um Generally you’re a pretty good guy You can’t possibly think there’s a difference but I’m being dead serious with you, this is disgusting No don’t! EEHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG Soapy Eggs, twisted, slimy grimy

JNR Media Solutions

Having a great marketing plan and strategy is what propels a business forward. Having an intelligent product that aligns video production with vision, will capture a diverse market. Finding a solution that merges identity, packaging, environment, design, promotions, social media and multimedia, ensures your brand stands out from the rest. Introducing JNR Media Solutions LLC. Our insightful boutique […]

Television Commercial Video Services | Noble Energy TV Spot On Community Gardening

When people come together to make a difference. Great things can happen. At Noble Energy were taking a stand. We know our most important work takes place at the heart of our communities. Because earning your trust. Operating with integrity. And giving back to Colorado are just what good neighbors do. Noble Energy. Working together with you for […]

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