Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

What’s up, guys? It’s Aaron Paul, and I want you to come break bad with me. Yeah, bitch, you heard that right. It’s been 10 years since Breaking Bad premiered, and to celebrate, I’m teaming up with Omaze to fly one winner and a friend out to cook in the RV right here on the Sony lot in […]

‘Supergirl’ Cast Talks 5th Season Drama & Teases New Suit | MTV News

– Are we gonna see more of Batwoman and Kara interact at some point? – I really hope so. I think it’s in the plans that they will have a team up in the massive crossover of ‘Infinite Earths.’ – What’s the ship name for Batwoman and Supergirl? – I dunno. – Super Bat? (all chime in) – […]

Tom Hiddleston on Playing Loki, ‘Betrayal’ & His Career in Theater & Film | MTV News

– Dramatic entrance. Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Hiddleston. (laughter) – This is really nice. – It’s good, right? – Good to see you. – Works, right? – Yeah. This is lovely. – Thanks for coming over. – This your new permanent set up? – Yeah, this is it. They booted me out of MTV, so I’m working in […]

Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Flash Mob Prank

*dramatic music opening* Vampire: *evil laugh* I shall eat Vampire: *evil laugh* Vampire: all the spiders Vampire: from the multi-verse! *Vampire Growls Meanacingly* *inspirational music begins* Spiderman: Bring it on demon! *Inspirational heroic music continues to play* *ambient crowd noises* *music morphs into dance music* *Vampire yelling* *Female scream, Spidermen yelling* *Vampire hissing* *music ends* Woman (Wedding Photographer […]

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on 'Avengers: Endgame,' time travel and 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

how weird or creepy is that to watch yourselves disintegrate on screen is that like one of the more surreal experiences you've had as an actor think we've seen worse you've seen worse we've done much worse you've done much more yes yeah but what was the experience of watching yourselves disintegrate like uh you know it's funny […]

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