Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies

Burnie: (singing) Gavin or Google, Google or Gavin, Which one said it? Let’s find out, hey! Gavin: I’m feelin’ lucky! Burnie: The first phrase that I gave to both Gavin and Google is… “Can you break…” Burnie: First return… (Barbara laughs) “Can you break your own neck if you really wanted to?” The other’s return: “Can you break […]

The Break-Up (3/10) Movie CLIP – Show Lemons (2006) HD

Gary? Yeah? Oh, come on! Really? You got three lemons. What my baby wants, my baby gets. You know that. Yeah, but I wanted 12. Baby wanted 12. Why would you want 12 lemons? Because I’m making a 12-lemon centerpiece. So, no one’s actually even eating them? They’re just show lemons? Yeah. They’re just show lemons. Shown in […]

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