CLC Media Careers

Central Lakes College is really special because it’s the warmest, most compassionate place, students and faculty and staff. I chose to come to Central Lakes College just because it was closer to home and it’s the closest college for graphic design so I chose Central Lakes College for that. The reason why people come to Central Lakes College […]

Why Haven’t US Schools Changed in 150 years? Media and Political Neglect, says Nikhil Goyal

I found it really quite odd that in the 2016 presidential election there’s been very little talk about K-12 education even though there are over 50 million people in our society that are affected by the decisions made by policymakers regarding public education. And I think what happens, what we’ve seen especially in the media in the past […]

University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole on Social Media Fears of a Returning Military Draft

I don’t anticipate that this crisis with Iran is going to go to a conventional military engagement. This generation uh doesn’t remember, a time when the United States wasn’t at war, and I said you have to have been alive or a conscious in the Clinton administration to remember such a time. Uh and so I think there’s […]

R.J. Mitte — Star of “Breaking Bad” — Speaks to the College of Charleston

– Thank you so much for having me. I am R.J. Mitte. If you do not know who I am, I do not know why you are here. (audience laughs) I worked on a show called “Breaking Bad” and I am now current working on another show called “Switched at Birth” on ABC Family. I’ve been lucky enough […]

Gamecocks SWARM reporter at Colonial Life Arena after advancing to FINAL FOUR!

Okay. Ready? Three, two, one. It is absolutely electrifying out here. Fans have been waiting for hours to see the team come back. This team just beat Florida, they’re in the Final Four. *Unintelligible* Damnit… Three, two, one. It is absolutely electrifying out here. *gets hit from behind* It is absolutely electrifying out here. You can see all […]

Radiography and the Role of Social Media by Your X-Ray Tech™ and Rad-Cast (CE PODCAST)

on today’s episode of Rad-Cast we have radiographer Jason Hernandez who is from South Texas and hosts his own site called Your X-Ray Tech™ so thank you Jason for being here with us today and why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself Give us a little bit of background how did you get into radiography? […]

Radio Broadcasting| Part 3 of 4: How To Write an Intro for a Radio Feature

Paul Cross: Hi, I’m Paul Cross, continuing to talk about how to create a feature for radio. In our first episode, we’ve created a show called, “My Show 1”, it’s a 5 minute feature. In our second episode, we discussed how we need, for every piece of audio we ever handle in radio: a name of the piece […]

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