Why Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency Is In Trouble

I actually don’t know if libra is going to work, but I believe that it’s important to try new things. When Facebook first announced it was getting into the crypto business with a basically unregulated currency called libra, the reaction from Wall Street and government bankers was about as expected. Libra raises a lot of serious concerns. I’m […]

Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Establishment Media

>>Bernie Sanders had a sit down interview with John Harwood at CNBC. And they talked about a number of things, including the label of Democratic socialism, which some people love to fear monger about. Let’s take a look at what that exchange looked like.>>So you identify as a Democratic socialist, you got the endorsement of Representative Ocasio Cortez […]

The Rise And Fall Of AOL

Welcome. You’ve got mail! I do recognize that. That’s all AOL. If you’re familiar with my sounds, there’s a good chance that you were one of AOL’s over 20 million subscribers who used its dial up internet and AIM messaging system. What was your AOL user name? Bsquad. Bsquad? My AIM screen names were bugsthatboy and traineeboyC. I […]

How The US-China Trade War Turned Into A Currency War

The trade war took a dangerous turn and is now morphing into what many are calling a currency war. It’s all out economic warfare between the two biggest economies in the world. U.S. and China. Two key developments took us here. The Chinese currency weakened passed a significant level that investors were thinking maybe China would defend—an indication […]

Google, Facebook, Amazon And The Future Of Antitrust Laws

In July 2019, the U.S. government targeted America’s biggest tech companies. The Department of Justice and the FTC appear to be looking at whether the leading tech platforms have used improper means to acquire monopoly positions or to exclude promising rivals from contesting their position. Translation – Are these companies too big? And did they get that way […]

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