Yahoo! / Oath CIO: Digital Transformation and Rethinking Information Technology (#239)

It’s Tuesday, June 20th, 1 PM Eastern Time, 10 AM on the Pacific Coast. This is Dion Hinchcliffe. I’m doing this show from Bangkok, Thailand today. I’m on my way to Frankfurt for an event. So … [Cutoff] … then Box, formerly, and then Yahoo as well. So Ben, welcome to the show. Well I am […]. How […]

Odoo Marketing (Tour)

As a small business, keeping up with ourbig name competitors and and marketing our brand is a daunting task for our organization. Between maintaining our website and SEO, events and social media, blog posts, leadcapturing and our sales funnel, live chat and mass mailing, using multipletools and interfaces has become tedious and time consuming… Then we discovered Odoo… […]

Morning Keynote- Everything You Need to Know About Node.js Event Loop – Bert Belder, IBM

good morning uh who you more huh I can I can speak Dutch Dale good all right well for people that don't know me you're not supposed to know me anyway my name is indeed Berg Baldur and this is my limit of history with no gesso I got involved in 2010 in 2011 we started working on […]

DATA & ANALYTICS: Analyzing 25 billion stock market events in an hour with NoOps on GCP

[MUSIC – ALABAMA SHAKES, "DON'T WANNA FIGHT NO MORE"] NEIL PALMER: Good. Ready? OK. Good afternoon, everybody. Thank you for coming. My name's Neil Palmer. I'm the CTO for the FISadvanced technology group. Today, we're here totalk to you about this. It's a very long windedtitle, I do realize. We wanted to callit, "How we're going to save […]