Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record And Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life

Angels from the realms of glory Wing your flight o’er all the earth Ye who sang creation’s story Now proclaim Messiah’s birth Gloria Gloria Gloria in excelsis Deo Gloria in excelsis Deo Gloria Gloria Gloria Gloria Saints before the alter bending Watching on in hope and fear Suddenly the Lord descending In his temple shall appear Though an […]

Black Violin, Breaking Your Musical Stereotypes | UNCHARTED

Our manager be, like, “Hey, I got these two black guys that are gonna play violin in your club. It’s gonna be amazing,” and they would literally, like, laugh us out there door. They’re like, “This is South Beach. This is dance clubs. What do you mean you’re going play a violin?” I think stereotypes are something that […]